Sunday, December 26, 2010

xmas lights

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Holiday Greetings to you!

Christmas eve and day went by fast, I hope you had a wonderful celebration!


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Making a Mark Annual Awards Nominations


Every year the Making a Mark blog hosts annual awards for a variety of categories that have been blogged in the previous year. {More information about the awards can be found here.}

For the past few years I have nominated different artists for the categories in landscape, portrait/figures, and still life. This year I thought I would share the links and what I wrote in the nominating comments here. I follow several different artist and art related blogs, gleaning knowledge and inspiration. I find the internet has been such a wonderful resource and so full of generous artist that taking time note some of those that have been particularly influential in my own art career this year is the least I can do.

Please take a moment to visit each blog.
Thanks, Liz


The Best Place/Landscape 2010

For the Landscape category I am nominating Jeffery Boron’s painting “Island Sunset” from March 24, 2010.

Jeffery has a very distinct style and I am drawn to how he combines color and pattern to stylize his view of the world around him. This particular painting has all the characteristics I love in his work – energy, color, contrast of values, and an appealing sense of lightness and appreciation of nature.

The Best Portrait/Figures 2010

I would like to nominate Kevin Wueste’s drawing of Randy posted on May 8, 2010 {scroll down to the fourth image in this post}

I wish I could nominate every work he created this year, narrowing it down to one was difficult, I selected Randy because of how Kevin seemed to capture the intense stare of the model and the direct interaction that must have occurred during the session.

Kevin’s ability to capture the human spirit is an inspiration to me. He is capable in all mediums however I particularly enjoy viewing his portrait drawings because of the energy in the mark making and how he keeps some areas simple and develops and refines the drawing only where the maximum effect is required.

The Best Still Life 2010

I am nominating Sadie J. Valeri’s still life painting “Message in a Bottle” posted on September 30, 2010.

I am drawn to the quite simpleness of this painting. The muted color palette, the simple division of space, and the excellent skill in applying paint. Beautiful in so many ways! What is also wonderful about this blog post is that she shared multiple stages of this painting, so you get to see how she began and how the painting progressed into this gem.

Holiday Preparations...


I wanted to pop in and share some of moments of the past few weeks. I have been focused on "making christmas", that is all that goes into it like wrapping gifts, making holiday cards, baking, cooking, and sharing time with friends and S.

2010 holiday cards

2010 holiday cards

2010 holiday cards
This is my fourth year to design our holiday cards,
including carving the stamp and printing the cards,
so each card is individual and special.

chocolate crinkle cookies
chocolate crinkle cookies, inspired by little brown pen

my favorite holiday pillow...

Are you familiar with Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas?
It is one of my favorite holiday films, I love the idea of how these good hearted ghouls take over Christmas and refashioned it with their value system.

Have a wonderful weekend, and I will stop in soon :) Liz

Monday, December 13, 2010


Sorry I have been absent lately. Since getting back from Washington state I have been plagued with fatigue and the little happenings that make up the holiday season.

This is my favorite time of the year and I want to savour every moment.

Stay warm! Liz

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Back from Washington State

Pike's Place Market

Yesterday I flew back from Washington State, it was a whirlwind trip of visiting with members of my family that live there and some good friends from college.

Seattle was cool and dry, but once I got over the Cascades it was all white and snowy.

in Wenatchee
...from my sister's in Wenatchee...

along the Columbia River
...along highway 97 to Omak, WA. All the orchards look so cold and barren with the coating of white.

My parents live outside Omak, Wa in a tiny community called Riverside. One of the days while visiting I went on a beautiful hike up the valley behind their house {here are more photos}.

copying from Vanderpoel
While on the plane I continued to copy from my anatomy books. This image is from the flight home.

Today was all about catching up on sleep and sorting things out... Tomorrow I hope to be back on schedule :) Until then, have a wonderful evening, Liz