Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My reading pile

{my current reading pile}


Do you keep a pile of books that are your current focus? I have always done this. Though lately I have been putting everything into a small tote bag and carrying it everywhere I go also. This keeps my handbag from becoming too large and heavy {looking out for my back} and makes sure I have reading material for all sorts of occasions, like arriving at my PT a little early or having an hour between appointments.

The top book is the one I have been reading from most this month, and when in the studio I am trying out some of the suggestions the author makes. I am still exploring and trying new things out, hopefully soon I will have some new work to share.

Also last week the talented Veronica Funk was kind to nominate this blog of mine for the Sunshine Award. Thank you Veronica! Please visit her great blog and wonderful website when you get a chance.

Now it is my turn to nominate 12 blogs.

I selected from the variety of artists I visit, as I appreciate all styles and methods of creativity. I am so glad these artists take the time to share with us on their blogs. Please take a moment and check them out!

1. Steve Drew

2. Manon Doyle

3. Paige Abbott

4. Dana Chabino

5. Jeffery Boron

6. Mary Sheehan Winn

7. Celeste Bergin

8. Erin Spencer

9. Gary Keimig

10. Paula Villanova

11. Sara Winters

12. Trish Siegel

Friday, February 19, 2010

Two more figure drawings


With all my time focused on painting and learning new techniques I have been a little behind in posting the drawings from Robert Liberace's drawing class. The first one is now completed, previously I had posted a work in progress image. Our model was from Brazil with beautiful olive skin and I was working on a creamy colored paper. Once I added some tone to capture here skintone value, the drawing came together. The drawing was completed over three class sessions.

20100129 seated figure
Seated Figure
{half sheet of guttenburg laid - general's charcoal pencils}

20100219 male torso
Male Torso
{ 11x14 inches Strathmore 400 Series drawing paper - general's charcoal pencils}

This drawing was a completed today in one session because of all the missed classes due to the snow storms that hit DC starting two weeks ago Friday. Our model had been scheduled for more sessions but due to class cancelations this is the only one that he is able to attend. The drawing started out as only a study of the arm and hand {hands are drawing obsession right now} and as the day proceeded I started to add more of the torso.

I have a few paintings in the oven and if things go well I will share them with you soon. Until then, have a nice weekend! Liz

Thursday, February 18, 2010

{a chocolate set from my mom}

Today I've been musing about how best to store still life items in the studio... My current way is similar to the mad antique shop that is best seen in travel books but not something to live with. I've found inspiration from Susan Abbott's studio. It is beautiful, I especially like her shelves.

How do you organize your still life props? Do you know of any other great studios? Please share the link as I would love to see.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Three Apples on a Crate {a new still life}

Three Apples on a Crate – 8" x 16" (20.3 x 40.6 cm) – Oil Canvas Panel
Available for sale, please email for information.

Hello there!

Time has been flying by these few weeks. DC has had three snow storms {here are some pics of the area} and I have been spending lots of time in the studio. A lot of the effort has been in trying out new ideas, experimenting, and scraping down the ideas that have not worked out. While away from the blog I was also working on this apple painting.

With this painting I was playing with the idea of using a complementary color as a base underpainting of the main objects. Being that my apples were green, red was used for the underpainting. Using different color temperatures on each apple (quinacridone red, cad. scarlet, and cad red were the reds used). I wanted to see the affect the color temperature had on the resulting greens. So far from this painting I have not yet realized any specific conclusions to the color experiment, so I will keep working with this process.

{a work in progress shot}
the final apple with its red underpainting

Currently the studio is set up with two still lifes and a desk for drawing and watercolor. This way I can move around and focus on what is best for the moment. I have just enlisted S. to help me re-arrange the studio one more time so I will have room to add another still life stand. Yippie! Having more than one project going on at a time is really giving room to explore and try new things out. With each project emphasizing something different.

I missed visiting with you during the past two weeks, so I hope to avoid such long absences in the future.

Thanks for stopping by and reading, Happy Valentine’s Day!