Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Work in Progress

(not yet named) Lemons with a striped dishcloth? - 9 x 12 inches oil on canvas

This is a piece I am currently working on; my hope is to get it into one of the local juried art shows in the DC area. I really like all the whites in this piece, the white stripes of the dishcloth, the white louvers in the back ground, and the white bowl. And the color palette is an analogous combination of yellow – green – blue. Instead of using a dash of red or violet to jazz the composition right now I am using the energy of the blue stripes to give the little bit of energy the piece needs to still be interesting.

I am more patient with this painting than I usually am, and I credit that to my being able to stand more comfortably at my easel. This allows me to concentrate longer and being willing to paint over the mess-ups that come from the occasional stay brush stroke. Presently the painting is in a drying stage, I need the cremnitz white to set up a little more before I can proceed to the next step. Stay tuned as I will hopefully post the completed painting in the next week or two. And I am open for suggestions for a title for this piece, I am not so sure I like the tentative one I have given it so far...

Sincerely, Liz

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Blue and Yellow Still Life

Lemon on Checked Cloth – 6" x 8" Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD

Last weekend I attended a workshop that focused on the Feldenkrais Method. At this workshop we were led by a very talented practitioner, Donna Blank, through several Awareness Through Movement sessions. I attended this event in the hopes that it will help me become more able to stand behind my easel for longer periods of time, as I have a back injury that sometimes limits my mobility.

The positive result of this workshop is that I was able to stand at my easel for longer periods this week, and I was feeling so good about it I have started focusing my painting on trying to depict fabric patterns, like the checked cloth below the lemon. I think I had the patience to take this on because I was more comfortable as I stood at my easel. This may all be in my head, but maybe not as I have since started another still life planned for a gallery with a striped fabric pattern and a more complex composition than I typically attempt. So I believe the workshop has been a positive influence in my life.

The Feldenkrais Method is really a great experience and I encourage all to investigate it further.

Sincerely, Liz

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Two Red Apples

Two Red Apples – 6" x 8" Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD

For this painting, I just set out the apples and started painting. Typically it takes me 30-40 minutes to set up a still life, as I want the composition to work, the shadows to be interesting, and negative space to actually have some shape to it. With this setup I was enamored with the bright shinny apples and how some of the shadow areas were almost violet, with a lavender sheen in areas from reflected light. So I stopped fussing with the setup and started painting.

I like the brush handling and bright colors.

Thanks, Liz

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pear Still Life

Four Pears – 6" x 8" Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD

This is the still life I have written about before. In this painting I was trying the technique of painting with glazes. Typically I paint in the direct alla prima manner, that is most of my paintings are completed in one or two sessions, wet in wet without using any medium. As I am trying to branch out with my painting skills I thought I would use this still life to try out painting in multiple sessions and using medium mixed in with my oil paints.

It is amazing how exploration sometimes gives you something you did not expect... I have learned a lot and I do like how in a few areas the spots I painted in the first session show through slightly through the subsequent layers of paint.

Thanks, Liz

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another Still Life from Above

Three Mandarins from Above – 6" x 8" Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD

I had such fun with the first mandarin painting from a top view point, that after I completed that one, I started immediately a second one. I made this one a little more challenging of a composition. I like having some items fall off the edge, so to speak, I think it gives the impression of the larger world around me than just what I am focusing on at any given moment.

And thank you for all the wonderful patronage I have been receiving in 2008 already!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

View From Above

Mandarin Orange – 6" x 8" Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD

In my little studio I have one rolling cart that doubles as my model stand for still lifes, and being that the cart occupied with a still life, and I wanted to paint while I was letting the paint dry on another painting, I set up a low table. This painting came about because I did not want to take down the other still life, it is amazing how happy accidents sometimes occur... I have never painted a still life from the top, and I really like the form of the shadows. What a nice surprise! From this view the shadows of the leaves and mandarin reinforce the massing of the fruit and leaves… I am happy with the result. I hope you enjoy it as well!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Pet Portrait

My Abyssinian Kitty – 6" x 8" Oil on Canvas Panel

Yesterday I spoke about the still life I am working on, unfortunately it was too wet to complete the next step I had anticipated for today. Hopefully I will find time to work on it later this week to post it then when it is finished.

Instead today on Sunday I worked on other still lifes and this alla prima painting of my kitty, Slim. She is not crazy about getting photos taken of her, but she loves walks. And this image was taken of her just as she was trying to entice me to take her on a walk outside. It is my first true attempt at painting her, I really enjoyed it, and so I expect to paint other images of her in the future...

Thanks, Liz

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Orange & Blue with Yellow Still Life

Grapefruit Wedges - 6" x 8" Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD

This was another experiment with the translucent qualities of citrus fruit. I really enjoyed observing the color and value differences. These grapefruit have a beautiful pink interior with very yellow outer skin. I feel very content with this painting; the texture is fun and lively. I also like the complementary color palette of the orange and blue with yellow accents from the rind.

My next post will be a painting that is different in painting style, as I am working to broaden my skills. In my class with Danni Dawson this past Tuesday I worked on a more subtle painting application. I have been working on a still life most of today utilizing this new technique. I will paint on this new still life some more tomorrow and if I complete it I will post it soon… Until next time, have a great weekend… Liz

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Three Turnips

Three Turnips – 6" x 8" Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD

This little painting was a fun surprise. I took out these turnips to make a stew however when I noticed the green budding leaves on them I thought they looked so interesting I could not help myself. So I quickly set up a still life and painted them.

I do not know if I have ever completed a painting with so much purple. I really like the warms and cools in the purple colors and then the white of the vegetables had blue reflected light in it.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Green and Blue Still Life

Lime Wedges – 6" x 8" Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD

I have not painted cut citrus in almost a year. This painting is an experiment of creating an interesting string of images and shadows while also working with the transparent qualities of the fruit. I like how the light shines through the limes so different parts are either bright yellowish or darker blue-green depending on the amount of light that is transmitted.

Thanks, Liz