Sunday, March 13, 2011

paint brushes
{paint brushes in the studio}


With the weekend coming to a close I thought I would stop in and say hi :) Also I want to thank everyone who commented and emailed me about finishing the Vase of Flowers copy, I really appreciate your support and encouragement.

Painting wise this weekend {particularly today} has been a bit of a dud because of being under the weather and not wanting to push it. So instead, I have been surfing the net, knitting some, and reading this bookabout dutch still life.

Here are a few highlights found over the weekend:

.a lovely photo, welcoming spring {a start from wild goose chase's photostream on flickr}

.a new to me art materials forum with expert moderators that provide unbiased and thorough answers to questions posed by artists. Some of my favorite posts: 1. on panel priming, 2. on documenting my art work, and 3. attaching painting to a panel. There are many more topics, so please stop by and check it out some.


Susan Roux said...

Ha ha, I just posted a bunch of brushes the other day. Funny what stimulates artists. And we wonder why the rest of the world thinks were a bit nutty...

Your copy is breathtaking.

Kate Lewis said...

thanks for all the links! and, congrats on your pregnancy!!!!!

eLIZabeth Floyd said...

Hi Susan, others may think we are nutty however I like to think it is our ability to value everything, simple and grand in life :)

eLIZabeth Floyd said...

Thanks Kate :) I am glad you like the links, isn't the photo just beautiful?