Friday, November 30, 2012

Rural Virginia 4 {a new landscape painting}

Rural Virginia 4

approx 5” x 9” (12.7 x 22.9 cm)– oil on gessoed paper }
Matted painting: $175.00 starting bid + S&H

Another installment of rural virginia from a summer road trip.

Today, I drove out to the Front Royal area to deliver some paintings and so wanted to snap some photos for this series but because I was driving and had Naomi in the car with me, I deemed it too dangerous to try to drive and photograph... It was almost torture because I was so captivated by the patterns created by golden fields and the lines of trees that separated the fields.

Now that the leaves are mostly down from the trees, this week I have been fascinated with how the edge of the trees interact with the sky.

What have you noticed this week?

{How the painting looks matted, ready to pop into an 11” x 14” frame}

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Elizabeth Seaver said...

Your painting is so textural. I love seeing the brushwork.

I have noticed that the trees which still had glowing red leaves on them last week (maple, I think) now have every leaf on the ground at their feet. Amazing. I wish my huge oak tree would lose its leaves all at once instead of gradually over MONTHS!