Monday, October 20, 2008

Pomegranate & Chinese Lanterns

Pomegranate with Chinese Lanterns – 6" x 8" Oil on Canvas Panel - SOLD

Over the weekend Steve and I went out to Loudon County for the Fall Color Tour. I wanted to buy some gourds and pumpkins for painting props and also to make fresh mashed pumpkin for pies. It was more crisp and windy than we had anticipated but overall a fun day.

When I got back into the studio to paint, I fussed around with some of my new gourds trying this and that but not getting inspired. I put them aside, and will try again another day. Instead some green Chinese lanterns inspired me along with a random pomegranate picked up the week before. This painting ensued and I am reminded that there are times when going with the flow and following inspiration can lead to a more enjoyable afternoon and a serendipitous outcome. The gourds will find their way into my paintings; I just will not force it.

Have a great Tuesday! Tuesday is my day for painting in with my favorite instructor, Danni Dawson!

Here is a detail of the pomegranate and chinese lanterns. It was real fun working to create the imagery of the shiny dark surface that reflected the red and greens of the objects.


Frank Gardner said...

Hi Liz, this one came out real well. You were right not to force the gourds into a painting. If it does not feel like the right time it usually is not.

Great job on the reflections, they are tough to do.
Carol Marine does a great job knocking out reflections on shiny table tops and stuff.

BTW, that apple below looks good enough to eat.

E. Floyd said...

Hi Frank,
Thanks for the comment. Painting what you feel connected to is always the best way. I think it shows in the painting.

Thanks for the compliment about my apples, I am really having fun with them this season!