Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Apple with Stem Still Life

Apple with Stem – 10" x 8" – Oil on Canvas Panel

Here is my first still life applying some of the techniques I have been playing with lately. In this painting I incorporated several of the aspects I wrote about when working on the portrait from my previous post. This painting was completed over three paintings sessions incorporating several layers, ending eventually with glazes to soften and warm up the white cup and to deepen the shadows of the apple.

I came upon this apple at work, in fact I tried to steal it from my co-worker’s lunch… eventually I exchanged my apple for his apple; I just loved the stem it had and the remnant of a leaf, all dry and browned. Thanks Patrick for switching with me, I love this apple for all its quirkiness.


artslice said...

This looks like a very cool technique!

I've tagged you! Please visit my blog for more info :)

artslice said...

That is a lovely apple... even the spots on it are nice!

I've tagged you! Please visit my blog for details :)


E. Floyd said...

Thanks Brenda for stopping by and tagging me. I will post my info this weekend!