Friday, April 10, 2009

Sunflower Daily Painting

Sunflower – 6" x 4" – Oil on Canvas Panel – SOLD

Hello Friends,

How was your Friday before the Easter holiday? The weather was nice here in DC. Today I got to paint this sunflower, a gift from my husband. It has been awhile since painting one, and it was such a joy. I feel as if sunflowers are the most cheerful and friendly flowers out there, made up of bold yellow petals and a warm brown center.

With this painting I decided to paint most of it with my round synthetic brushes, which is something I do not often do. A week ago I was reading a book by Harold Speedwhere he described the way each brush type handles. For rounds he wrote “where there is a sharp point the central hairs are much longer, and consequently when the brush is drawn along and pressed so that all the hairs are touching the canvas, the pressure in the center, where the long hairs are situated, is different from that of the sides. This has the effect of giving a touch that is not equal in quality all across, and the variety thus given is difficult to manipulate.”

It is this quality of round brushes that keeps me from using them very often. I accidentally smear paint when I am going for a more light touch. Today I particularly choose to use round brushes to work on painting with a lighter touch and to use the tips of my brushes. I think more practice will be necessary, but it was nice understanding why the round brushes have been a challenge in the past and to work on a solution on how to use them to their best ability.

I love it that painting is all about exploration and the experiences gained from trying. Have a wonderful weekend, Liz


Elisabeth's bright side said...

Hello, thank for stopping by and nice words! It was interesting to see your blog and I liked the Soleil very much. It's interesting to read the "technicalities" of using a round brush. They usually irritates me since it's difficult to predict the result.

E. Floyd said...

Hi Elisabeth I am glad you visited my blog and left a comment. Round brushes typically irritate me as well. I decided to try using rounds again after reading that passage to see if knowing about them more would help in my being able to paint with them. I think I need more practice before I will be able to be proficient with them. :)

Titania said...

In your painting you have brought out beautifully the simplicity of this country garden flower.

E. Floyd said...

Thanks Titania!

Amisha said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Your work is lovely. I find it very inspiring! I found you through Holly's forum.

E. Floyd said...

Thanks Amisha for visiting. Holly's forum is great and so inspiring, all I want to do is read and visit links!