Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WIP {tabletop still life}

WIP {tabletop still life}
{tabletop still life - 18" x 24" (45.7 x 61 cm)}


I am back painting!

This was the painting I was focusing on before getting sick and having a forced two-plus week studio absence. The painting was started last summer but was put on hold until recently... sometimes this happens, the inspiration goes away or I just need some more time to think about it more. With this painting is was a little of both, I switched my focus to other paintings and then later on I just was unable to give it the attention it needed.

So far in 2011 I have been painting floral still lifes, and after finishing several such compositions I realized a change of focus would be a good idea. After nine months of being on the shelf I came back to this painting, and I am really glad I have.

The reason is because in getting back to this painting I realize that my painting style has really evolved and changed over the time. The painting today is essentially a whole new painting where I am re-painting every aspect of the composition and further developing and refining each area. If I had never put this painting on hold I would not have such concrete evidence that painting technique and skills are growing and evolving.

Because of this experience, I encourage others to sometimes take a painting and put it on hold for several months while pursuing other projects. The results can be very surprising!


Virginia Floyd said...

This is going to be another beautiful painting. I love the background color with those shades of browns and oranges. The reflections in the bottle on the right are gorgeous!

I agree that you have really progressed and evolved as a painter. I have visited your blog almost from the beginning, and I love to see the changes.

Virginia Floyd said...

I know I came by and commented on this painting, but my post isn't here. I don't know what I did wrong. This is a gorgeous painting, Liz. I love the richness of the colors in the bottles. They glow!

eLIZabeth Floyd said...

Hi Virginia,

It looks like Blogger must have taken away and then given back your comment...

Thanks so much for coming by and sharing with me, it makes me feel good having you stop by :)