Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Season Greetings!

Holiday Greetings from me to you!
We sent out our last three cards this morning... I know, cutting it pretty close, but it has been one crazy and hectic holiday season. I made these cards the first Friday of the month, and it still took forever to get everything together. Most of this month has been full of catching up, however I also value the month of December as it is a great time to remind myself of how much my friends and family mean to me. Thanks for being part of my life and sharing with my in my journey of becoming an artist.
May the next few days be peaceful for you and your family!


ale balanzario said...

Felices Fiestas, the best for you and yours.

Thanks for your visit and comments!

E. Floyd said...

Ale, Feliz Navidad tambien!

And have a wonderful new year! Liz

Paula Villanova said...

I like your it a block print? Merry Christmas!

E. Floyd said...

Merry Christmas Paula! Thanks for commenting on the cards. It is a stamp I cut out of pink eraser material. You can purchase flat sheets of the stuff from Paper Source. And then I used a stamp pad from Paper Source also.

Anonymous said...

Nice cards - and still lifes further down the page!

E. Floyd said...

Hi Anna, thanks for stopping by.

a friend of mine intorduced me to the pleasure of making handmade cards.