Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One more step taken...

Awakenings II – 2-1/2” x 2-1/2 – watercolor

Well my employer is somewhat understanding about my decision to go. Being that I am leaving to pursue art (my heart’s desire) instead going to another architecture firm may make my resignation more palatable.

Today I mailed in my business license renewal application. These are heady times for me; I get excited about the official-ness of these activities. I am not playing at this, it is for real! Taking the steps to be a responsible business owner and a fulltime artist is liberating.

Above is my second installment of the Awakening series. One of my favorite pigments/colors in watercolor is cerulean blue, I love how grainy it is. I never know really what it is going to do, especially if you add another pigment into the mix. Will cerulean play nice? Maybe, but not always… Where I find ultramarine blue always plays nice, mixing in with strong color.

Have a great evening! Liz


granmamimi said...

Dear Liz,
I admire you and your pursuit of your passion and dreams! God just puts us in the right time and places..this is your time to follow your heart!
I love your work and enjoy seeing them on my kitchen wall!

Carol Schiff Studio said...

I find your little w/c paintings to be charming!

E. Floyd said...

Dear Mimi, thanks for stopping by and commenting with your very encouraging words. They have warmed my heart this morning, Liz

E. Floyd said...

Hi Carol, so happy to hear from you. There are more coming of the Awakening series, I just feel them bubbling out of me!