Sunday, June 21, 2009

Musings: On drawing the Figure

An incomplete drawing – terra-cotta verithin pencils on prepared paper
{to mimic red chalk}

Hello ~

I would like to share with you some musings regarding drawing the figure, not all of these thoughts are complete though they sum up some ideas on technique I am establishing for when I draw.

} when drawing the figure always strive to make clear decisive shapes, a strong line is better than a soft fuzzy line that was created because I did not really look, discern, and record in an accurate manner.

} when thinking about what I see, do not think in terms of features, instead think of angles, shapes and distances from one another.

} when laying down decisive marks on the paper it is important to impart my artistic interpretation – use painterly prerogative at all time or the figure may start to lose some of its gesture.

} always look for value shapes. When working in monotone lay in the darks, deepen the darks and then start laying in the mid-tones. The mid-tone shapes help in establishing the subtle muscle and bone shapes within the form.

I think these ideas can be applied across the gamut of drawing media and subjects. So far I have used these premises for charcoal, red chalk, and silverpoint drawings. Personally drawing the figure is a fun and amazing experience, where I constantly have to assess my accuracy with regards to the model, and always there is a distinct outcome with each session.

If you enjoy drawing the figure, be sure to visit Kevin Wueste’s blog for spectacular and inspiring figure drawings. I constantly visit his site when I need a little inspiration and motivation.

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