Monday, September 24, 2012

Autumn Marigolds {Bountiful Observations no. 36}

Autumn Marigolds

{8" x 8" (20.3 x 20.3 cm) – oil on canvas panel}
Framed painting: $300.00 starting bid + S&H

Yesterday I came across a list of things that exemplify autumn. things like sweaters, falling leaves, crisp apples, and pumpkins. The only thing I felt was absent from the list were the flowers that also bloom prolifically in the fall.

To me, all the russet tones marigolds are an important part of autumn, as are the dense bushes of mums and asters.

So I think my list for fall would look something like this:

walks in the woods
the fireplace
falling leaves
crisp dry air
crisp apples
hot stews and soups
roasted root vegetables
mums & marigolds

...what would you add to your list?

{14" x 14" (35.6 x 35.6 cm) with frame}


This is a painting from my Bountiful Observations series, with 25% of the net proceeds of each sale being donated to the American Horticultural Society.


Kathleen said...

Stunning! Love the interest the jug and it's reflections add. I'm enjoying the chill of fall in the air! Your list is pretty complete... maybe hot spiced apple cider? It makes the kitchen smell so good.:)

eLIZabeth Floyd said...


I forgot about apple cider! I think I am going to have to get some now that I am reminded of it... And it does make the house smell so nice!

MJH Design Arts said...

I love the painting. You captured the essence of the glass and the simplicity of the marigolds. And with temps still in the high 90's yesterday, the Fall List is sounding wonderful, and making me a bit jealous. Thanks. Mary

eLIZabeth Floyd said...

Hi Mary, Yes, it is hard to "feel" fall with high temperatures :) When I used to live in Texas, I never understood all this talk about the changing seasons, now living in a place where each season is distinctly felt, I understand...