Monday, January 7, 2013

Still Life with Tangerines and Crock {Bountiful Observations no.46}

Still Life with Tangerines and Crock

{8" x 8" (20.3 x 20.3 cm) – oil on canvas panel}
Framed painting: $400.00 + S&H

Every time I get behind a blank canvas, I get so excited about the coming opportunity to create something that shares my vision of beauty through my eyes. Then, when posting the resulting painting on my blog, I get excited about the opportunity to share it with you and the world at large.

Sharing and hopefully expanding on the idea that beauty if found all around us, even in the ordinary scenes that are our daily lives. Each painting is another addition to the open conversation we are having about art and beauty.

As we begin the new year and I further develop this series of chronicling seasonal changes through still-life paintings, thank you for being a part of my life. I feel fortunate that you are open to my work, how you leave a comment or send an email expressing your thoughts, and that we meet in this world, sharing a similar appreciation of life and all that makes it beautiful.

{14" x 14" (35.6 x 35.6 cm) with frame}


This is a painting from my Bountiful Observations series, with 25% of the net proceeds of each sale being donated to the American Horticultural Society.


sharon said...

very nice! you could paint a cut and uncut grapefruit!

mary said...

As always, I love your paintings. Each one has its particular soul. Hope that you are feeling much much better.
Happy New Year.