Sunday, August 17, 2008

Egg Still Life

Egg on Wood Crate – 6" x 8" Oil on Canvas Panel SOLD

I am working out in my mind a new larger still life composition (16 x 20 inches) that will include eggs in it. Several months have passed since I last painted an egg, so this painting was practice to get back into it and to investigate the level of detail and finish I will incorporate in the larger painting. Again I worked predominately with sable brushes, all cats tongue filberts by Escoda. I just ordered some round synthetic brushes to experiment with, so I expect my next few paintings will be completed with the new brushes. What is your favorite brush brand and what type of shape do you prefer?

Thanks for dropping by, Liz


Ester said...

I personally heart Isabey synthetic flats and brights. I love the shadow colors you find to paint in those peaches - very beautiful :)

E. Floyd said...

Thanks Ester, your comment reminds me I have not experimented much with flats or brights...

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Liz, it took me a day to write down which brushes I use, but here goes.
Winsor Newton Artisan - Flat
Winton Fine Hog - Flat
Arttec Bristle Supreme -Flat
Arttec White Nylon - Flat or Filbert
M. Grumbacher Gainsborough- Flat

I'll buy Filberts occasionally, but I wear my flats into filberts pretty fast anyway, so why buy them that way.

I rarely use a round unless it is a small one, but I have them in my brush cans just in case.

E. Floyd said...

Thanks Frank for making the list and posting it here! It is amazing how many different brushes are out there to try and use.

Frank Gardner said...

Since I buy a bunch at a time, I usually go through the shelves and take all of the sizes I want in several brands. There are some others that I have that I think are called American Artist or something like that.