Saturday, September 6, 2008

This Blog is 1 Year Old Today!

Today is the one year anniversary of this blog! It has been such a rewarding experience. I feel as if I have learned so much from the constant commitment to keep painting and posting on a regular basis. Painting on a very regular basis has been great however I believe it is the people I have interacted with online that has had the biggest impact on my life, thank you for making this year such a wonderful one!

Sunflowers and Pears – 24” x 18” Oil on Canvas

In recent posts I have been sharing with you that life has been busy and that painting time has been scarce. This is because I am still practicing residential architecture on a full time basis and sometimes project deadlines take additional time. Two projects that I am in charge of had to go before two different architectural review boards this week. I spent close to 10 hours attending hearings and presenting the proposed designs to some very determined boards that do not favor change, whether or not the design is subtle and respectful to the historic districts they are located in.

Today was a real joy, as I have carved out time to paint. This painting is in process, and it combines some of my favorite still life items: pears, flowers, and interesting drapery. I hope to complete this painting tomorrow, if not maybe later this coming week. I will post the final result.

Thanks and have a wonderful evening. Liz


Jeffrey J. Boron said...

Congratulations Elizabeth!

You really have something
"goin' on" with this new one!


E. Floyd said...

Thanks Jeffery! I am excited to see how this painting finishes! It has been a fun challenge as it is the largest still life I have ever attempted.

Steve Floyd said...


I have learned, and continue to learn, so much goodness from you every day. My spirit of life and living rises when I watch you painting in your studio; when I see and read the vivid brightness of your posts; when I cheer alongside your viewers’ encouraging comments; and when I share your fulfilling excitement following a buyer’s genuine enthusiasm for your work.

September 6th marks the 1st-year anniversary of your blog. Wow, what a year! One year ago you stepped forward, establishing a website to expose your work for the world to view, read, observe and judge. Any person of any profession can identify with the courage needed to project one’s own work to other viewers, even just to a few colleagues and office managers, let alone a world-wide internet audience. You took the chance, established your blog, then have maintained and advanced your work and website to new heights. It matters to me, and I believe it matters to many of your viewers whose spirits you raise, that you have reached this one-year anniversary, and that you continue your most wonderful work.

Congratulations Liz, on your achievement, and all the best wishes for many more blog anniversaries over the years to come.

Your husband, and lifelong Love,


Barbara Moorman said...

Congratulations, Liz, on making one year on your blog. Thanks to your mother-in-law, Susie, I have been getting them since May when she signed me up while staying with us in Texas. I have expressed my appreciation to her for introducing me to your blog, and now to you for a well organized, authentic snapshot of what an artist thinks while painting and then enjoying the beautiful end result with some understanding as to why you did what you did. All of your works are beautiful, simple and inspire me to paint and I love your architectural sketches as well. I can't wait to see how the sunflowers and pears turn out and I appreciate your displaying your studio set up also as I am in the midst of getting a spare bedroom converted to paint in. Thanks to you I am sketching daily and have set up my easel with a goal to paint everyday. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your thoughts and talent with us - a winning combination for artist wannabes.

AJ said...

Congratulations Liz! And that's a beautiful painting that you're working on!

E. Floyd said...

Steve, Thank you for writing such a kind comment on my blog. This is the first one you have ever written and it is wonderful! Thanks for your continued support! Love, Liz

E. Floyd said...

Barbara! Thank you for the wonderful comment. Susie had shared with me your very kind impressions of my work and I am so happy to have helped you develop and nurish your love of art! May the coming months of continued art exploration be as rewarding as possible! Good luck with your studio and paintings.

As an aside, this is a corner of our living room. Being that the flowers were rather large I was not able to get the distance I needed in my (very full) 8ft x 8ft studio. However if I ever get a chance I know I would like a room just like our living room as a studio...

Thanks again! Liz

E. Floyd said...

Thanks AJ!

S.M. Sedwick said...

Congratulations on one year, Liz! That's awesome.

Actually, I can't believe how far away you are sitting from that still life! I should try that some time...:)

E. Floyd said...

Thanks Sarah,

I am about 11 feet away from the setup. I did this to get the view-angel I was aiming for and I thought it would keep me focusing on the big features and not get hung up on the details.

artslice said...

Hi Elizabeth -

Thanks for your comments on my blog, they are a rare occurence and very much appreciated!

Love that sunflower painting... and your studio looks so inviting.

Would you mind if I add you to my link list? Congrats on a year of blogging!


E. Floyd said...

Hi Brenda,

It is a pleasure to leave comments, I love your blog artslice! (

Thanks for visiting my blog as well, and I would be honored to be part of your link list! Thanks for offering!

Thanks again, Liz

Frank Gardner said...

Congratulations on the 1st year Liz.
Way to go.

Wow! great words from your husband too. I can tell he really loves you.

Here's to many more years of your blog

E. Floyd said...

Thank you Frank! It has been so fun keeping a blog that I do not think I will ever stop!

Yes Steve is a wonderful and talented writer. And I am very lucky have him as a spouse and to get these occasional notes of affection and love.