Sunday, March 8, 2009

Art Goals and Career Direction

Awakenings V – 2-1/2” x 2-1/2 – watercolor

This past week I was working on the words for a thoughtful post about what direction I will take once I am able to focus on art fulltime. I was obsessing about the wording and how to prioritize my goals, because it feels so important to me.

However after a fun weekend of being with friends at an ATM workshop, eating good food (thanks Craig and Yvonne), and knitting some, I realize that maybe it is not so important to plan, but to just do it. Instead of me presenting my treatise on my goals and steps of how I am going to dedicate myself to the arts and personal growth, my focus will be more on actions.

How have you gone about focusing and building your career?


I Want To Be An Artist said...

Thank you for the comment you left on my blog. What a great feeling when someone whose art you LOVE leaves you a wonderful comment! Like you said on your post - I HAD goals - but I have as yet been able to make them come to past. I have decided to love art itself and try to expand and improve the art I love. Maybe one day I WILL be able to share it with others.

E. Floyd said...

Hi Myra, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Improving skill and understanding are great goals even if they are not concrete in the traditional scope of life. Good luck and keep working at it and you will prosper, that is my mantra. The tortoise always wins in the long run by chipping away at the journey.

Paula Villanova said...

About those retrospect, I have achieved so much since leaving my job last May. I was in my first invitational show beginning last week and while my art has moved forward, I am looking for employment again but will continue with my art of course. And you are right, that is the important thing. Do what drives you and you should move forward. Sometimes things don't go according to plan...I really like your Awakening series...this latest piece seems to be related to Springtime too...maybe subliminally or coincidentally?

E. Floyd said...

Paula, I am glad to hear you made great headway with your art. Continuing the create is the best way to grow.

The Awakening series has been a lot of fun, no pressure to get it "right" instead just going with the flow and making decisions about what I would like to see and create.