Saturday, March 28, 2009

Three Turnips Still Life & Etsy

Three Turnips – 6" x 12" – Oil on Canvas Panel – SOLD

With the encouragement of others to open an Etsy store this week and after spending 16+ hours reformatting my hard drive and getting my life back in order on the computer, I opened one ( It was something considered before when working fulltime in architecture, I had just been putting it off. I was afraid of being overwhelmed about whether I would be able to juggle the “almost-daily painting” auctions, my other responsibilities and a new store on a new selling platform. Now that I am dedicating all of my efforts to art and the selling of my creations it made sense to change things around a bit.

My new Etsy store will have all artwork created other than the “daily paintings” category (anything 6" x 8" and smaller). I will update this shop as more artwork is created. As I am new to this experience, if you see things I overlooked on Etsy please bring them to my attention. Thanks, Liz


ginnyntex said...

The lowly turnip! Who could believe such beautiful purple colors in a vegetable with such a negative reputation? Can't get blood from a turnip... Just fell off the turnip truck. Your painting makes them glow like jewels.

I have been following your blog for a good while, and enjoying your journey towards your new vocation as a full-time artist. I wish you lots of luck!

E. Floyd said...

Ginny thanks for stopping by and sharing with me. I am very happy about this new direction and I am glad you are following along with me.

r garriott said...

Outstanding! I've never seen turnips look so stunning.

E. Floyd said...

Thanks R. Garriott I really love how turnips are beautiful, just often overlooked.

Dean Grey said...


The turnips turned out wonderfully!

The unique size of the painting makes it that much more interesting!

So many different shades of purple and blue were packed into the turnips. I had to click onto the larger scan to see them all. Great job with that!


E. Floyd said...

Dean, I am so glad you dropped by! Thanks for leaving a comment. I am so fond of painting everyday items and seeing if I am able to capture and discern the subtle aspects of it in a beautiful manner.